Press release about the best Arab publisher prize 2023

With all admiration and appreciation, we keep up with the efforts of the General Egyptian Book Organization and the Arab Publishers` Association with the allotment of publishers’ prizes including “the Best Arab Publisher” for the 2nd year respectively, which incent them to do more to present their best in order to boost the culture of knowledge and cognizance and encourage reading.
That’s why the publishers are invited to support and carry out such initiatives in light of the commitment to the massage sincerity in publishing books that abide the general standards as for the context, language structure and the output beauty.
We feel proud and honored while the publishers’ works are honored as it’s an appreciation to their efforts and outputs. The material of the prize doesn’t prevent it from being moral incentive to the publisher.
In light of the 54th edition of Cairo International Book Fair, an award ceremony was held, in Thursday night February 2nd, 2023 in the main hall “Salah Jahin”. Dr. Niveen El-Kilany; the Culture Minister, Dr. Ahmed Bahi El-Din El-Assassy; the GEBO chief, Mohammed Rashad; the Arab Publishers` Association chief, Saeed Abdo; the Egyptian Publishers’ Association and the National Center for Translation head, as well as a number of authors, intellectuals, Ministry of Culture leads, writers, publishers, journalists and tv anchors have attended the ceremony.
This year, the prize received the nomination of 23 Arab publishing houses, some of which were specialized while others’ publications varied between thought, literature and scientific composing. They differed as for the concept value and diversity and the style value in printing and outputting.

The Best Arab Publisher Prize jury, that’s made up of Dr. George Noubar, Mr. Ezzat El-Qamhawy, Ms. Zainab Afify, Dr. Sherif Shahin; the Dean of Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, have highlighted the gap which the Arab publishing industry suffer that is the rareness of the youth book. As there is a shift from the children book to the adult book, neglecting the teens and youth, which requires an official cultural entity and publication house initiative to fill this gap.
After reviewing, reading and checking the electronic interfaces of the samples presented by the publishing houses, the jury chose to give the prize to “El-Mahrousa center for publishing, press services and information”, and “Mamdouh Odwan publishing house” equally.
“El-Mahrousa center” is known for its varied and valued content publications, which exceeded 1000 books since its establishment in 1986. The jury valued the center’s development as for the content, style as well as the number of the publications year after another, along with its activities growth such as organization, seminars hosting and its activity in the fields of archiving and researches.
While “Mamdouh Odwan publishing house” was established in 2005. It has published in its young age around 250 titles either authored or translated, including some astonishing intellectual and creative works that’re a combination between reviving the heritage and presenting the new.
The jury also valued the house’s other activities that boost its cultural presence by embracing research projects and creation workshops in partnership with dependent cultural entities, as well as supporting the new publishing methods via E-books and audio books.
It’s also notable that the winner houses have agreed with the prize criteria:
1. The production and printing quality according to the prize criteria
2. The covers designs that match the book title and output.
3. The content evaluation and respecting the intellectual property.
4. The publication variety in the cognizance and publication fields.
5. The way it benefits from the modern publication methods “digital and audible”.
6. How the house contributes with direct efforts in the society development and supporting the special categories.
Wishing the prize continuation and flourishment to boost the publication industry in the Arab World.
DR. Mohamed Saleh Maalej
The chairman of the media and public relations committee.

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