APA Board members meeting via the application of Zoom
Arab publishers reject the US decision to move the embassy .. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
Social divergence is a necessity
Prevention is better than cure

Arab Publishers’ Association is in solidarity with the brotherly Sudanese people

The Arab Publishers’ Association - Chairman and members - expresses its pain for the brotherly Sudanese people were traumatized by the unprecedented floods and torrents, which caused great human losses, hundreds of victims, injured thousands, collapsed homes and displaced tens of thousands.


Arab Publishers` Association stands in solidarity With the brotherly Lebanese people

The Arab Publishers’ Association - Chairman and Members - expresses its sadness and deep pain over the severe explosion that occurred in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, and mourns dozens of innocent and innocent victims, and the injury of thousands of our people in Lebanon.


Arab Publishers refuse the American Decision of moving the US embassy and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The Arab Publishers Association, represented by its president, its board Members and Arab publishers collectively, announced their refusal of the American decision to move their Embassy to Jerusalem and considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


About APA  

about.png Arab Publishers Association was reestablished in General Conference for Arab Publishers held in Beirut on April 12-13, 1995. Arab Publishers' Association; APA consists of Arab Local Associations, represented by a Member for each one in the Board Members and a number of elected members equal the number of Associations' representatives. APA Board Members are 30 members, fifteen member are representing Arab Publishers Associations, and fifteen were elected at General Assembly meeting, which held in Cairo. APA is an Arabic Entity under the laws and regulation of the Arab league which Head Quarters are located in Cairo, Egypt and General Secretariat in Bruit, Lebanon

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Prizes and contests  

Media statement about Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mansour Award
 Second period

The Chairman of the Professional Development Committee at the Arab Publishers` Association, Mr. Haitham Al-Hafiz, announced the start of work by screening all the entries in the (Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mansour) Award under the supervision and follow-up of the administrative body of the Arab Publishers` Association which is dedicated in its second current session (2020) to children's stories in middle childhood, indicating the participation A wide range of several Arab publishing houses, most of them for publishing houses specialized in the field of children, in addition to one participation from a foreign country for an Arab publishing house in Canada.
Upon the completion of the receipt process, an arbitration committee was formed headed by Dr. Tariq Al-Bakri, professor of story and child literature and writer of children's stories. Its members are from several Arab countries and are considered experts in the field of child literature in the Arab world, and the committee held an initial electronic meeting to determine the procedures for the arbitration process without interference from The
Association, and the committee began immediately sorting and studying the transmitted stories, indicating that the names of the committee members will be announced and honored with the award winning house after the committee finishes its work at a date to be announced later.


Current Exhibition  

A media statement issued by the Arab Publishers` Association

Respected colleagues
   The Media Committee of the Arab Publishers` Association gives you its best regards, and based on the repercussions of the Corona virus, which imposed social distancing and the commitment of many companies to work from home, the Arab Publishers`
Association took a number of initiatives and worked on: -

1. The Arab Publishers`
Association interacted since the beginning of the crisis, and the exhibition directors were contacted through the International Arab Exhibitions Committee. The Chairman of the Committee addressed the following exhibitions directors: Baghdad Gallery - Iraq Gallery - Bahrain Gallery - Riyadh Gallery - Sharjah Reading Exhibition - Erbil Gallery - Tunis Gallery - Gallery Alexandria - Abu Dhabi Exhibition. In addition to international exhibitions: London Gallery and Paris Salon.
To inquire about the status of holding the exhibition in light of the spread of the virus.
2. The president of the federation requested the heads of local federations to contact the shipping and aviation companies in their countries to postpone shipping books for several days to these exhibitions pending a response from the directors of Arab book fairs to be provided to us.


Intellectual property rights  

It is an advanced electronic step through which it sought to define, preserve and support copyright and publisher rights, and it is also a step for communication and synergy with publishers, writers, writers and authors to provide a stable and stable environment in order to preserve intellectual property and protect the rights of creators and to serve present and future generations

For those of the Federation who wish to file a complaint regarding an intellectual property dispute, please fill out

The following form and send it to the General Secretariat office by email: nsharif@arab-pa.org


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