Publishing in the Arab World report

Corona pandemic period and its ramification


The APA has started preparing a series of field studies on the publishing status in the Arab World, from which it published a number that covers the Arab publication reality and what it reached. The Corona closures has affected the publication industry negatively as they increased its crises in many Arab countries. The study, that covered the years 2020-2021, highlighted the ramifications of such crisis on the publication industry through studying the publication status in three countries: Germany, Britain and the USA and comparing it to their Arab counterpart.
The study also has posed a vision about the publication industry future with the flourishment of the digital publication and reading, and started solve the crisis of the Arabic language and publication bearing in mind the future competition in the field of Arab books publication from countries outside the Arab region. Moreover, it discusses the translation from and into Arabic issue.
The association has prepared such study describing the publication status qua in the Arab countries and introducing solutions to boost this industry that’s threatened from inside and outside the Arab region. 

Mohammed Rashad
Arab Publishers’ Association chairman


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