Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

It is an advanced electronic step through which it sought to define, preserve and support copyright and publisher rights, and it is also a step for communication and synergy with publishers, writers, writers and authors to provide a stable and stable environment in order to preserve intellectual property and protect the rights of creators and to serve present and future generations

For those of the Federation who wish to file a complaint regarding an intellectual property dispute, please fill out

The following form and send it to the General Secretariat office by email:


Arab Committee for protecting the Intellectual Property:

The power of intellectual creation and innovation are the humanitarian most powerful practices, such practices evolve the cultures and civilizations.
Therefore,  the creative person deserves recognition, appreciation and protection of their  production in all forms of literary, artistic, and industrial ....etc. 
To enable  them to exploit their intellectual benefit of their production, we must  preserve their rights and to provide them a safe, motivating and supportive  environment for creation, innovation and development.

From this point of view there is a need to protect intellectual property, copyright, and the interests of the publisher
Arab Committee for protecting the Intellectual Property is subdivided of the Arab Publishers’ Association. It is formed based on our internal regulations and have seven members of the association from different countries selected according to terms and conditions set by the association.

The Objectives of the committee:

- The protection of intellectual creativity in all its forms.
- Ensure the intellectual rights of authors and publishers.
- Developing laws and regulations to ensure the protection of copy rights and to fight piracy.
- Developing the awareness of the intellectual property and copy rights as an incentive for creativity  and innovation.
- Strengthen the Arab PA role in the protection of intellectual property and the copy rights of the publisher and author.

Proposed means to achieve our goals:

1-The protection of the intellectual property rights of a book and the certificate of intellectual property depend on:
The custody of the documents proving the rights of translation or the publication of the Federation or the specialized authorities in each State.
Oblige the printers by law - in coordination with the competent authorities- to prevent the printing of fake copies of any book.
The Adoption of model contracts to regulate the relationship between publisher and author.
2-The preparation of an integrated database concerning the Arab publishers, and providing information about their publications and the attacks against the publisher and the actions taken against the aggressors.
3-The adoption of a flexible structure of communication between local associations in the Arab countries to monitor their work and reporting.
4-The annual update for the data of each publisher and his publications.
5-Held of an annual conference of the Arab Committee and inviting the interested local committees include the following:
       a-Educational seminars.
       b-Specialized working papers.
       c-Exchange of information.
       d-Recommendations and suggestions.

Dimension of the media:

We are dealing with media, according to the following actions:
a-The Committee's is developing their web site and feeding it by data and information.
b-Study of the cases, actions and decisions required in each case.
c-In the cases of final judiciary decision, the committee circulates the results of the case to all the members of the Arab Publishers association and the managers of Arab book fairs.
d-Initial distribution of information related to cases of piracy or abuse of intellectual property to members of the Committee and the local association of the country where the attack occurred.
e-Communicate with the Arab and international bodies specializing in the protection of intellectual property and copy rights.
f-Make an annual report on the realities of intellectual property rights in the Arab world and the results of work to publish it and broadcast it.
g-Publish the committee Newsletter witch serve in the following directions:
       1-The education of members.
       2-Information and data.
       3-Laws and regulations.
       4-Issues and events.
h-held conferences and educational sessions of intellectual property and copy rights in the following sectors:

       1-Sector publishers and working in the field of publishing and distribution.
       2-Schools, colleges and universities.
       3-School librarians, university and public libraries.
       4-Government sectors of the direct relationship in the publishing profession.
       5-Customs officers.
       6-The staff of the National Library


The idea of the black list containing the names of the aggressors on the intellectual property rights -with actual condemnation- and distributed on the Arab associations and book fairs managers in the Arab countries.

White list:

The idea that white list granted as a certificate for the Arab Publishers committed to intellectual property rights and the fight against piracy.

Committee of Friends of the Intellectual Property Rights:

Composed of different sectors contribute the cultural awareness and combat the phenomenon of piracy in the community in all countries in cooperation with universities and institutions of civil society.

The Committee shall hold regular meetings with a minimum of three meetings per year



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